Thursday, January 28, 2016

Practice Praxis Core Website

As I mentioned to you within the past few weeks, we ordered accounts for you so you can access a tool called "Magoosh". At the present time, this site is set up to let you practice the Praxis Core Math test. Within the next month, or so, it is supposed to be set up to include Reading and Writing practice tests.

Alicia already has access to this account (I gave her the free account we got as a trial) but the rest of you will have to stop by Jen Heid's office to set up your account (will take about 5 minutes). You have to set up your account in Jen's office because we only have 10 accounts, enough for each one of you. If you accidentally sign in twice when you're setting up your account, you'll use two of them. And we want to make sure everybody gets one.

Once you get your account, you begin studying. Your account will be valid for six months. After you have set up your account with Jen and are registered, you will log in to your account by going to praxis.magoosh.com, using the username and password you used to set up your account.

I will have an instructor account so will be able to see how much you have been prepping for your tests.

For some of you, you need to pass these tests (at least two of them) so you can apply for student teaching for fall. That deadline is in March so watch the Teacher Ed website for due dates.

Let's get started ASAP! 

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