Friday, August 8, 2014

Admissions Process for Bachelor Degree Programs

According to Mona Schell in the UTTC Admissions Office, if you recently graduated with an AAS degree and now plan to continue with your bachelor degree, you will have to submit a new application to UTTC. You can do this on the UTTC website.

Mona said they will have most of your documents on file so they won't need new copies. She said you might have to update your physical.

After you submit your application, and everything is received, your application will be sent to a committee that approves all applications. Make sure that you mark "BS degree in Elementary Education" on your application so your information is accurate.

A few of you have had to get a letter from us stating that you have been provisionally accepted into the Teacher Education program. This is a separate process from applying to the college so make sure you have both completed. Most of you, as part of the CEDAR project, have all of your information submitted to us for admission to Teacher Education already.

If Admissions or Financial Aid tells you that you need a letter of acceptance from Teacher Ed, you can stop by and pick one up. Jen Heid can provide this to you. I've given her permission to sign it on my behalf if I'm not available and then initial it.

If you have any questions about this process, either Leah or me will do our best to answer your questions. The Admissions Office is doing everything they can do, too, to make this process go smoothly for you.

Enjoy the weekend!

Lisa A.